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  • Behind the Scenes. Much of the work that goes into a book happens ‘behind the scenes’. Multiple drafts, readers’ feedback and editing. My Raven Lucas series was edited by Gina Inverarity. Here are some questions I asked her about editing – and her answers. How did you become a book[...]
  • I like stories. No surprise there. And I’ve heard a few rippers that have ended up in my books. Others are safely stored in my Ideas notebook. Having written the three books in the Audrey of the Outback series, plus her picture book It’s a Miroocool and My Australian Story: Outback,[...]
  • The idea of a manuscript reader is to help the writer make the best book he or she can. A clever reader can help in important ways. What could a manuscript reader look for first? The big things. What are the your favourite bits and favourite characters? Does the opening[...]